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Student Career Readiness, Social-Emotional Learning, & Whole-school Success Program

ThriveOn Concepts has partnered with Indigo, a company that personalizes in the educational experience of middle and high school students. With this partnership, we support student success, retention, social-emotional health, and career readiness by assessing their behaviors, motivators, and career readiness skills.



Self-awareness: To Know Yourself
Empathy: To Know Your Team
Freedom: To Know Your Possibilities


ThriveOn Concepts & Indigo Program

Empower educators working with grades 7-12, higher ed, and adult education to create student responsive cultures and maximize their strengths for the benefit of all.

We impact your...

  • Indigo Assessments

  • IndigoActivate Online College & Career Prep course

  • Master Activation Plan “MAP”

  • Resource Database

  • IndigoDiscover AI Platform

  • Student Engagement Highlights

  • Automated Teaming

  • Over 100 curriculum-based activities

  • Career advising suggestions

  • High Potential Entrepreneur List

  • Social Emotional Support List

We engage with your...

  • IndigoDiscover AI Platform

  • Leadership consulting planning and strategy sessions*

  • Longitudinal data collection and basic analysis

  • Indigo Assessments included for staff too!

  • Indigo Team-building Workshop*

  • Training on IndigoDiscover*

  • Ongoing phone and web support

Indigo Solutions
AI Enabled, Student-centered Technology

Assessmentlightercomputer_Assessment lig
The most accurate human survey on the market.

Only 45 minutes Online. The algorithms within Indigo Assessment provide whole child and whole school data insights available nowhere else.
Deep answers at the touch of a button.

Powered by AI, not only can you get to know each individual, you can look at teams, grades, classes, schools, and districts with IndigoDiscover’s data analytics.
Coursemac lighter computer.png
Meaningful college and career readiness.

IndigoActivate is easy to implement, takes very little educator time and meaningful solution for your state mandated college and career readiness requirements.

*Trainings are usually conducted virtually via web-based video conference. In-person workshops are available.


85% of students rate their
results as “highly accurate” and
report increased confidence
in their future after taking and
reviewing their results.

93% of administrators report using Indigo data from the IndigoDiscover Platform to make strategic decisions.

90% of students would recommend that other students take IndigoActivate.

Need more details?

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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