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Executive coaching

“I know I need some help but I am not sure what to work on or where to start”

Executive Coaching

Why Do People Seek Out Executive Coaching?

Each client comes to us with a unique set of challenges:

  • They’re overwhelmed.

  • They’re unhappy with their team environment.

  • They lack mentorship in their current position.

  • They are struggling to engage their people.

  • They’re out of balance.

By working with our participants, our clients will become better at how to communicate; discover what part motivation plays in their team dynamics, and how to improve their emotional intelligence to make better decisions.

Our program, is designed to help an individual truly understand themselves, how they analyze and interpret their experience. A person's acumen, keenness and dept of perception of discernment, is directly related to performance. The stronger a person's acumen, the more aware they are of their external world and their own self-perception.

Working with our coaches allows you the space to take the weight off your shoulders and be vulnerable in a confidential setting. This approach results in a more complete achievement of specific leadership objectives, all the while preserving your ability to tackle ongoing responsibility.

Building A Solid Foundation for Change

Executive Coaching Change Model - IG

Packages Available

Package 1: Action and Reflect (12 sessions)

  • 45-60 minute coaching sessions

  • A commitment of 9 sessions over a 6-month time frame         

    • Once every 2 weeks for first 3-months (6 sessions)

    • Once a month for 6 months (6 sessions)

    • Additional sessions added as needed upon conclusion

  • The option of phone or online coaching sessions                                                                               

Additional cost:

Option of in-person, phone or online coaching sessions (travel in KC Metro Area)

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Package 2: Structure and Impact (12 sessions)

  • 60 minute structured coaching sessions

  • Commitment of 12 sessions over 9-12 month time frame

  • TriMetrix DNA (Behaviors, 12 DF and Competencies) assessment

  • Assessment Debriefing (90 mins)

  • Use of cloud based monitoring system for coaching notes and interaction

  • Option of in-person, phone or online coaching sessions

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Package 3: Growth and Change (20 sessions)

  • 60-90 minute coaching sessions based on coaching topic

  • Commitment over 12-18 month time frame

  • TriMetrix HD (Behaviors, 12 DF, Competencies, Acumen) assessment and debrief at start of coaching agreement

    • Option to add Emotional Intelligence at no charge

    • Guaranteed Increase in Emotional Intelligence score after 12 months

  • (no charge for assessment)

  • Individualised Development Plan customized from 12 DFs and DISC scores

  • Use of cloud based monitoring system for coaching notes and interactions, plus ability for key stakeholders to provide feedback throughout the process

  • Weekly to bi-weekly concierge calls to answer questions and ensure progress

  • Lazer coaching available over text, email or 5-10 min calls at no additional cost

  • Option of in-person, phone or online coaching sessions (travel in KC Metro Area)

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