LeaderForward Academy

ThriveOn Concepts’ LeaderForward Academy brings together small groups of high-performers monthly with a single purpose; to gain significant, measurable improvements in their leadership performance.

We do this with relevant practical curriculum, coaching, facilitation, sharing of best practices, and accountability ­ — all directly connected to each participant’s work situation and performance goals.

We need to be thinking differently about how we assess leaders in this rapidly changing work environment.
In the current environment, past behavior is not necessarily the best predictor of future behavior.”


John Scott

COO and co-founder of APTMetrics

Why It Works
  • Drives results with coaching and ongoing support

  • Develops leadership knowledge for a better talent pool

  • Increases self-awareness using globally recognized assessments

  • Teaches successful coaching and feedback techniques

  • Involvement of key organizational stakeholders

  • Proven curriculum from the Center for Executive Coaching

Our specially designed programs prepare high-performers for "What's Next."


What do you want to do about managing talent, developing leaders, driving performance, building flexibility, and coordinating systems and processes?

TRAIN to develop skills and increase capabilities.

Training your staff with ThriveOn Concepts helps you foster a culture of learning to keep your high performing personnel growing and improving. But it is not a once and done approach like most trainers provide, so we follow up with personnel to make sure new knowledge is being applied and you get the results you were expecting. 


Are you looking to expand your employee training topics, need a subject matter expert to present or opening up options for your employees to engage in professional development? We have training and workshops on a wide variety of business, leadership and human resource topics. Our skilled practitioners speak, train and facilitate on topics ranging from emotional intelligence to sexual harassment with all kinds of topics in between. While we aim and focus on being more than ‘just a seminar’ company, this tends to be how our clients find and first work with us. These offer a great opportunity to test the waters out, build trust in the partnership and introduce your company to the new, big trends in leadership and training.  

Our training provides answers to the most critical questions about your people, your teams, and to get clarity or get focused on your organizational goals.


Questions such as:

  • What are the most critical business challenges you face? What actions are you going to take to address them?

  • What are the most important people-related actions that must be addressed and what steps do you take?

  • What is the most effective way to keep score on how your organization is doing?

Learn to identify and take actions on areas that needs improvement.


Facilitate to create a common language and understanding.

ThriveOn Concepts has a facilitation program that takes the process and agenda into consideration. We help you to plan, guide and manage a team to ensure that the teams objectives are met effectively with clear thinking, good participation and full-buy in from everyone who is involved.

Participants learn a wide range of skills and tools, from problem solving and decision making, to team management and communications to create a group process and environment where people can flourish, and the group reaches their envisioned solution or conclusion.

Our program focuses on HOW people participate in the process of learning or planning, not just on WHAT gets achieved. The process is neutral and never takes sides.


These skills are useful in complex discussions or those where people have diverse views and interests, good facilitation can make the difference between success and failure.

ThriveOn Concepts values collaboration and allows other members in the group to participate in the process.

The added benefit is to understand and demonstrate empathy. The participant will have full control, recognize and affirm that a person and their feelings and thoughts are valid,  worth whiled and how to ask questions that brings issues from the head to the heart.


How can do we guide and advance individuals in their personal and professional journey?

Coach to meet organizational outcomes and personal goals.

Middle to senior managers find coaching a necessary service, where they benefit from critical, frequent input from expert coaches. We have a team of coaches in order to guide each participant through the concepts of outcome-focused change and to provide assistance in organizational development.

A coach’s role is to create awareness in the areas where the client is avoiding or putting off, pushing them to achieve more, supporting, holding them accountable and strategizing with them when obstacles arise. As a trusted guide, the coach is also the main source through which we receive authentic feedback.

How Can We Help You!

New cohorts start monthly.

  • LeaderForward Academy
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  • LeaderForward Academy
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  • LeaderForward Academy
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  • LeaderForward Academy
    TOC Training Location or Company Choice
  • LeaderForward Academy
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  • LeaderForward Academy
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